"You shall go to the ball"

Your Fairy godmother X

Helping you feel at ease deciding on colours and style for the makeup look you desire.



Special Occasions


How it works


Before we start applying any makeup, we discuss ideas and your desires of makeup looks, in particular any areas of concern with products or skin. Once we've selected a colour pallet to work from, you can sit back and relax, whilst I complete your makeup look.


To ensure you have enough time to get ready before your occasion, I ask for you to prepare your face for the makeover, with cleansing followed by moisturiser. No trial is needed for this service, and do feel free to show me any images you have to help work with your ideas. 


I also provide makeover lessons, so please take a look at my page, if you would like to learn how to create a makeover for yourself or are having a special occasion away.


Portraits, Corporate Events & Studio

I offer makeovers for corporate events, passports, head shots and studio photography.

Using base products to enhance features, conceal the skins 

flaws, prepare your skin so you feel confident in front of the camera. Choosing a colour pallet to compliment your features and attire, deciding on shades and tones as we go.

I will create a makeover where the effects of your makeup will accommodate with bright lighting, flash photography and/or studio environments.

For occasions, such as staff parties I can set up an area with a lighted mirror and provide my full kit (for my use only) to accommodate each person who has requested a makeover.


& Beyond


A perfect introduction to make up with this makeover..  Whatever you age!


This is a lovely way to find out on current makeup trends using a few makeup essentials along the way. 

We will start with a brief. Discussing your desired make up look, choosing a colour palette to work with.

Watch and learn and take notes on products, a few application techniques, whilst you look through the mirror so you don't miss a trick.. giving you the chance to recreate your makeover at home. 


I can offer advice on brands and products which I like to use for your skins type. Helping you gain a little know how, when it comes to trying and sampling makeup in the future.