Just for you Makeup Lessons

Master your makeup!


I provide fun & engaging lessons to help you achieve beautiful makeup looks.


Perfect and try out application techniques, learn how best to achieve your desired makeup look.


Discover something new trialing some products I have in my kit  


Tailored lessons broken down so you can build on your makeover needs. ​ 

Make Up Lessons


Learn how to perfectly apply your makeup.

 I provide fun and engaging tailored lessons to help you achieve beautiful makeup looks.

  Discovering something new and trailing techniques to master your makeup desires.









We begin by discussing your ideas and desires of a makeup look, talking through any areas of concern with makeup or your skin, to ensure you feel comfortable from the start. 


Using a mirror to guide you, I will demonstrate and give advice to help on your application techniques, on how to blend, contour and shade in each area of your makeup.  


I will help you to choose which base products best suit your skin tone, and how to correct and colour match. 


You will find out about which ingredients to avoid or use for your skins type, so you feel comfortable ​wearing the makeup and knowing what works for you.


​I will show you how to shade, blend and layer eye shadow, want the ultimate smokey eye. Be the envy of many! The best way to contour, warm up with bronzers and blushers, know how to define and enhance your features. Followed by a run through of which brushes are the best to use and how to use them to their best advantage.


How about that perfect pout? Try a new lip colour, prepare your lips and see how this transforms your makeup look! 

Enjoy this Masterclass as one to one, gaining a few top tips and treasured secrets along the way! The perfect gift for friends or a treat for Mothers's Day! For party bookings please take a look at my Makeup Bag Makeover or For Your Eyes Only.


Makeup Bag Makeover














This lesson is tailored to you and your beloved makeup bag!  I will be spending time with you to get the most out of your makeup.


I will teach you makeup application skills and techniques offering non bias advice on products with NO sales pitch in sight.


Learn which products work best for your skin complexion, colour and tones. Know which brushes and other makeup tools to use, and how best to use them with the products you own and sampling others from my kit.


I will work through any makeup concerns you may have, sharing some top tips and a few makeup tricks along the way. Answer your questions, so you feel confident and better equipped when choosing and applying your makeup.

A great gift and popular choice to treat Friends for their birthday or perhaps a Hen makeover party?  For a fun, engaging makeover tutorial, with friends. This Makeup Bag Makeover will have you party ready, with essential tips under you belt. 


Tools for the Job

During your makeup lesson you will learn some basic rules and tips on using makeup brushes.


They provide a clean, hygienic application from product to face. Giving you the ability to build up your makeup, using different brush shapes, and sizes to create long lasting results.

Understand which brushes and bristles work best for each area of application.

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For Your Eyes Only


 Create glamorous effects with your eye makeup in this eyes only lesson. Learn the best techniques to work with your eye shape.  The do's and don'ts of applying shadow. 

Take steps to trying new colours and shades where and how best to apply them. Be the envy of many mastering foolproof smokey eyes makeup. 

A great next step lesson from your Makeup Bag Makeover to focus on the most striking of features . Enjoy a one to one tutorial or have a small party booking for two people.